communication at dinton preschool

Communication and Language

We believe good communication skills are extremely important and use several different frameworks to help develop these skills.

  • The ability to listen and take turns in conversation is paramount

  • Communication and being with others helps children to build social relationships which provide opportunities for friendships, empathy and sharing emotions.

  • Staff have ECAT (Every Child A Talker) training. ECAT has an emphasis on strengthening children’s early language development from birth – five. We use this framework alongside each child’s learning journal to monitor their progress.

  • Every day in each class, a Phase One LETTERS & SOUNDS activity takes place. These are fun practical activities, which help develop listening and attention skills by exploring the Environmental and Instrumental sounds, Body Percussion, Rhythm & Rhyme, Voice Sounds and Alliteration




  • BLAST – Boosting, Language, Auditory, Speaking & Talking) Six week courses are run with specific groups of children, to build upon their pre-linguistic skills such as attention, listening, speech sound awareness and story awareness.

  • Social Skills/Nurture Groups - Small groups of children engage in activities to support their social development such as turn taking and positive interaction with their peers.   
  • Makaton signing is used daily. This is a unique and inclusive language system that uses hand signs and facial expressions. This method is especially useful for children whose language skills are still developing to help build upon their confidence.